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Where Have All The Flower Children Gone? Apparently, Texas

Springfield, Mo., Aug 18, 2010--An iconic symbol of the 1960s--the VW covered in daisies--is making a comeback and not where you might think.

TheDaisyPeople.com today announced the top ten states for vehicle daisy sales, and Texas leads the pack.

Owner/manager T.L. “Teal” Mitchell suggests, tongue in cheek, “Texas is turning liberal.” More seriously she proposes it may be the reverse. “For many people,” she says, “decorating their car with daisies is a soft protest against their neighbors’ politics.”

Mitchell also notes daisies are frequently purchased as a fashion statement, for a grandchild’s new car, or to dress up golf carts, lawn mowers and even kayaks.

After Texas, California is second in daisy sales, proving perhaps that many hippies never moved. Of the ones who moved, they may have retired to Florida, which comes in third on the list.

The next four states are Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania, which suggests many former flower children are aging gracefully in the Rust Belt. Traditional liberal strongholds Massachusetts and New York are 8th and 9th, while North Carolina rounds out the top ten.

Is this a sign Texans will be sitting in, turning on and dropping out anytime soon? Probably not. Sales of bell-bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts are not likely to replace Stetson hats and cowboy boots in the Lone Star State.

But, it appears, deep in the heart of Texas dwells a flower child. Who would have known?

About The Daisy People:

The Daisy People makes vinyl daisy decals for vehicles in retro colors of orange, vibrant green, peacock blue, pink, yellow and white. All daisies are 100% USA made.

One comment The Daisy People hear all the time is this: “When people see my car they always smile!”

The Daisy People, an internet business, is the rebel child division of Auto Body Art. It began when a nurse in North Carolina asked Auto Body Art to create daisies for her VW Beetle, just like the ones she had in the ‘60s. Website: www.TheDaisyPeople.com

T.L. “Teal” Mitchell
The Daisy People
Springfield MO

Website: www.TheDaisyPeople.com
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Top Ten:
1. Texas
2. California
3. Florida
4. Indiana
5. Michigan
6. Illinois
7. Pennsylvania
8. Massachusetts
9. New York
10. North Carolina


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