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How to Apply
How To Apply

Things to know before you begin: This is easy!

           Vinyl decals are like a sandwich. In the middle of the sandwich is the vinyl. The top of the
vinyl is covered with mask. The bottom of the vinyl is covered with non-stick paper.

            Design Tip: When you receive your daisies, position them on your vehicle with a small piece
  of masking tape. Step back and rearrange the design until it pleases you. Then apply.

Before you begin: Clean the surface of the vehicle with a mild detergent or Windex
and remove any dirt, oil or wax. Dry completely.

On a small daisy
Peeling non-stick paper
Peel off non-stick paper

Applying the daisy
Apply directly to the vehicle

Smoothing with a squeegee
Smooth with the squeegee
(included with every order)

Removing the mask
Very slowly peel off the
mask, pulling straight down

Hints:  Apply your decals between 60-85° Fahrenheit (16-29° Celsius), out of direct sunlight. After application, if there is an air bubble in the graphic, there are three things you can do. First, leave it alone. The sun makes most bubbles disappear in a week or two. Or you can warm the bubble with a hair dryer, making it enlarge slightly, then prick it with a needle and watch it pop and lay flat. Or puncture the bubble with a needle and smooth it down.                                   

On a large daisy
Mask daisy to vehicle
Mask top of daisy to vehicle

Lift and peel
Lift up the underside

Cut away upper half
Peel away the upper half
of the non-stick paper

Smooth upper half Smooth
Press down upper half, working top to bottom, then smooth down lower half

Smoothing Removing mask
Smooth with squeegee, then very slowly peel off the mask, pulling straight down

No daisies A few daisies Lots of daisies

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