Are your daisies magnetic?

No, they are vinyl decals which adhere to your vehicle.

We don’t offer magnetics for three reasons. They are easily stolen, they blow off vehicles in motion, and heat or cold may cause them to become soft and crumble or brittle and break.

What kind of vinyl do you use?

We use only high performance vinyl. That is the highest grade made for outdoor use. Our vinyl comes from the leading manufacturers: 3-M, Gerber Scientific, and Oracal.

How long does delivery take?

Orders in the United States are sent by Priority Mail and normally arrive in about a week. International orders are shipped by Priority Mail International and arrive in 7 -14 days.

However, individual countries sometimes have security alerts or customs checks which may delay delivery another 2 weeks.

Can your self-adhesive vinyl graphics be applied to anything other than vehicles or glass?

The decals will adhere to most smooth, hard, flat surfaces.

Our customers have told us: “I’m actually buying them for my fiddle case, not a VW. I bet that’s a first!” “I will be using these on my two Samsonite suitcases that I use to travel with my folding bicycle.” “This is for a Yamaha golf cart.”

How soon after painting a vehicle can graphics be applied?

Wait 45 days after a new paint job to make sure the paint has cured.

Can I wax my car after I’ve applied the vinyl graphics?

Yes, just use ordinary care around the graphics. No hard scraping or abrasives.

How do you prepare the surface before applying decals?

Just make sure the surface is free of oil, dirt, and dust. Washing with a mild detergent and drying completely will do the job.

How easy is it to apply the graphics?

It’s like applying a small piece of contact shelf paper. Lay one decal flat, and begin. Start with the smallest daisy you purchased and move up in size.

That gives you a good feel for the material. Each order comes with a durable squeegee to ensure good adhesion and to remove air bubbles. See our “How to Apply” page.

Can vinyl graphics be removed?

Vinyl graphics can be removed by waving a hair dryer, back and forth, over the edge of the decal and lifting up. Wave, then lift. Wave, then lift. If there is any adhesive residue left, it will come off with De-Solv-It. De-Solv-It is a 100% organic product available at big box stores like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc. It is also carried by many grocery and hardware stores.

Do you have color suggestions?

Picking colors is like coordinating clothes, so color choice depends on your personality. Would you rather be colorful or color-coordinated? One color gives simplicity of design and unity of effect. Two colors are lively. Four colors are festive, like Mardi Gras.

Do you do lettering?

Yes, we can create vinyl lettering for your vehicle or vehicle windows. You can add your name, a business name, or a website. For your website name, we can even make the “o” of a daisy.

Are all your prices quoted in US dollars?

Yes, they are.

Are there taxes on your decals?

Only residents of Missouri in the United States are subject to tax. The current rate is 7.6%. Some international customers may have to pay a customs duty, but that varies from country to country.